ESCO solutions

What is the ESCO model?

The ESCO (Energy Service Company) model is an alternative to self-financing for lighting modernisation projects. All needed funds are invested by an ESCO service provider, which recovers the funds from savings on electricity over the agreed period.

The benefits of the ESCO service:

Finances: you won’t have to worry about funding (getting a loan or using your own funds).

Prices: due to its scale, an ESCO service provider can offer better terms for the purchase of equipment and services.

Experience and responsibility: the ESCO service provider will effectively implement a project and assume responsibility for the choice of suitable products and for achieving savings.

Time: customers don’t have to waste time or use their own resources to select and implement modernisation solutions.

Results: high-quality results are achieved quickly.

When the project ends, the modern LED lighting system becomes the property of the client, who can continue using the energy-saving solutions.

As an ESCO service provider, Ignitis assumes all the risks related to a project’s implementation and organises planning, choice of equipment, delivery and installation work, also providing long-term guarantees and ensuring the smooth functioning of the equipment that is installed.

You don’t need a cash reserve to be able to make an investment but can do the project right away!

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