About us

From now on there is a single solution for all energy goals. Meet 'Ignitis' – an answer to all of the questions within the sector of energy services.


Our goal was to gather all the main energy services in one hands, therefore in 2019 we have created 'Ignitis' – the energy service company of the future.

We have merged 'Lietuvos energijos tiekimas', 'Energijos tiekimas', 'Gilė' and 'Litgas' into one company and by doing so we have gathered the best experiences of business and private customer service under one roof.

'Ignitis' is the largest supplier of electricity and gas in Lithuania, providing all of the main energy services for more than 1.6 million residents of our country. At the same time, we are your partners and we care that all our customers saw the energy as a clear and uncomplicated field, which does not require additional time or effort.

Subsidiary Companies

Since 2013 'Ignitis' operates in Latvia and Estonia, and from 2017 also in Poland. More information on companies can be found on the websites www.ignitis.lv and www.ignitis.pl