About us

For everything related to energy needs there is now one single solution. Meet Ignitis UAB – the answer to all energy services issues.


We wanted to put all the key energy services in the hands of a single provider, so in 2019 we created Ignitis – an energy service company of the future.

By combining Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas, Energijos Tiekimas, Gilė, and Litgas into one company, we brought the best in business and private customer service experience together under one roof.

Ignitis is the largest supplier of electricity and gas in Lithuania, where it provides more than 1.6 million people with all key energy services. We’re also your partners, ensuring that energy is clear and simple for all our customers, not something that requires extra time and effort.


Organization structure

Structure of managed companies

Shareholders, subsidiaries and associate companies

100% of the shares of Ignitis UAB are owned by Ignitis Grupė AB (Ignitis Group).

AB “Ignitis Grupė” (Ignitis Group) requisites:
Company code: 301844044
Date established and register: 28 August 2008, Lithuanian Register of Legal Entities
Head Office and Correspondence address: Laisvės pr. 10, LT-04215 Vilnius, Lithuania
Website: www.ignitisgrupe.lt

Ignitis UAB owns 100% of the shares of: Ignitis Latvija SIA, which is registered and operates in Latvia; Ignitis Eesti OÜ, which is registered and operates in Estonia; and Ignitis Polska Sp. z o.o., which is registered and operates in Poland.

Contact information for subsidiaries can be found on the contacts page of this website as well as at www.ignitis.lv and www.ignitis.pl.

Associate companies
Ignitis UAB jointly with other companies owns Verslo Aptarnavimo Centras UAB and Ignitis Grupės Paslaugų Centras UAB. Shareholdings:

Ignitis Grupės Paslaugų Centras UAB: 0.84%,
Verslo Aptarnavimo Centras UAB: 7.50%.

Both of these companies are registered in Lithuania and their geographic market is the Republic of Lithuania.

Anti-corruption policy

Ignitis does not tolerate any form of corruption. The company promotes fair business practices and transparent relations with all stakeholders.

The Ignitis Group adopted a Zero Tolerance for Corruption Policy in 2014. That was replaced in 2019, with the launch of an anti-corruption management system, by an Anti-Corruption Policy which is also in effect at Ignitis UAB.

The Anti-Corruption Policy is the group’s corruption prevention document. All current and new employees are required to know and abide by the policy. It applies to contractors, suppliers and consultants, as well as other partners and stakeholders.

The Ignitis Group systematically monitors compliance with anti-corruption policy and practices by collecting information, measuring and analysing processes, and implementing measures to manage corruption risks. It works to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the group’s anti-corruption management system and/or its components. Results of regular monitoring are not made public.

Both the Ignitis Group and Ignitis itself educate employees for corruption awareness, teaching them about the harm corruption causes, how to recognize it, and how not to be indifferent. In 2018, 98% of the group’s nearly 4,000 employees (including the employees of Ignitis) completed approximately 90 minutes of e-learning regarding corruption prevention.

We encourage employees, business partners and other stakeholders to inform of any actual or suspected violations of the Anti-Corruption Policy by contacting our Trust Line at +370 640 88889 or [email protected]. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Social responsibility and financial support

Ignitis helps create an energy-sector business culture of responsible and sustainable growth within the Ignitis Group. The core of this effort is a responsible approach to business reflected in everyday activities and future plans even as energy challenges steadily grow.

The Ignitis Group’s operations are conducted and planned responsibly in keeping with the requirements of the law as well as the group’s Social Responsibility Policy and other policies. The social responsibility reports published by the Ignitis Group also cover the activities of Ignitis UAB. 

For more details, see the Ignitis Group website.

The Code of Ethics is based on values of our organization and defines the principles and standards of business ethics followed by Ignitis Group companies and expected from our employees in their daily work.

You can find our Code of Ethics here.

Financial support

As of 2018, as part of efforts to strengthen transparency, the Ignitis Group and its companies, including Ignitis UAB, do not give financial support to charitable or social causes.

The Lietuvos Energija Support Foundation, through which support was provided in the past, is set to be liquidated. Information about support that was provided in the past can be found on the website of the Ignitis Group.


Ignitis UAB belongs to the National Lithuanian Energy Association (NLEA).

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)