Gas for business

Choose the natural gas supply solution that best meets the needs of your organisation.

We offer our clients a packaged solution for gas supply services which includes:

  • Natural gas supply (we offer three supply plans from which to choose).
  • Gas flow balancing services (We provide services for balancing import/supply portfolio).
  • Gas exchange trading (We are the most active participant of natural gas exchange GET Baltic).

By choosing a packaged solution for your gas supply services, you’ll save time and avoid the hassle of separate contracts for administering gas distribution and transmission. You will also be able to consult with Ignitis experts and use the innovative Ignitis self-service portal.

Before signing the natural gas purchase-sale and service agreement, we’ll help you estimate your planned natural gas consumption and place orders for:

  • Long-term transmission capacity
  • Consumption capacity
Fixed price

Fixed price

For those who value pricing stability
Flexible price solutions

Flexible price solutions

For those who seek out the best price on the market

Liquefied natural gas solutions:

Flexible and client oriented onshore and offshore LNG supply results.

We possess the comprehensive expertise and follow the highest services standards when it comes to the supply and utilization of liquefied natural gas (LNG). We stand behind the pioneering, one of the longest-lasting experiences, as well as in-depth and wide-ranging awareness about LNG-supply chain management within the Baltic region.

This enables us to reach the highest efficiency and reliability rates in our operations and partnerships, as well as provide value-added offers benefiting our customers and leading to the multiple synergy effects accordingly.

LNG application openings:

  • Off-grid regions;

  • Heat and cold energy recovery

  • Fuel (land transport)

  • Fuel (sea and river transport).
  • Let’s explore LNG market potential together: on-shore and off-shore small-scale LNG operations, acquisition and transportation of LNG cargoes and LNG utilization empowering your business (industry, transport, agriculture, etc).


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