Solar power

A solar power plant is a sustainable, cost-effective and eco-friendly investment!

Why choose us?

  • We’re responsible and experienced, having handled contracts for 8 MWp with a value of over 5 million euros.
  • We give particular attention to the quality of technical equipment and invest in long-term projects.
  • We can offer a competitive price, since we save by buying in large quantities.
  1. How much is it possible to save? We’ll perform a power consumption analysis for your object free of charge and make optimum recommendations for a power plant with indications about savings.
  2. How will a solar power plant affect the roof structure? Before installing modules, we’ll help get expert advice about the roof’s structural suitability. Power plants are usually installed without any structural intervention, so the roof is not affected.
  3. Who’ll take care of the paperwork, installation of the plant, and its presentation to regulators for approval? With your consent, we’ll do all of that. What we’ll hand over to you is a working and fully registered power plant.

We offer:

Direct purchase of a solar power plant Based on your needs, we’ll select the best-suited solar power plant and install and maintain it.

Purchase of a solar power plant by instalments We’ll sign an agreement giving you 10 years to fully purchase the power plant. We’ll insure and maintain the plant during that entire period.

Lease of a solar power plant (PPA) We’ll sign a 10-year lease agreement and you’ll pay only for the electricity that’s produced by the power plant. We’ll offer a fixed or variable tariff and insure and maintain the plant over the entire period.