Solar power for business

A solar power plant is a sustainable, cost-efficient, nature-friendly investment!

Why choose us?

  • We are responsible and have the experience needed to carry out all required duties in this field. We have handled 8MWp contracts worth more than EUR 5,000,000.
  • We pay extra attention to the quality of the technical equipment and we invest in long-term projects.
  • We can offer a competitive price as we save by buying in large quantities.
  1. How much is it possible to save? We will carry out a free-of-charge power consumption analysis for the objective in question and will be able to provide optimum recommendations for a power plant with indications of where savings will be made.
  2. How will a solar power plant affect the roof construction? Prior to installing a power plant, we will help in obtaining expert advice regarding the roof’s suitability when it comes to installing a solar power plant. The power plant is usually installed without intervening into the construction and, therefore, the roof will not be affected.
  3. Who will take care of the paperwork, and with installing and delivering the power plant for the assessment of the supervising authority? With your consent, we will take care of all these matters. We will hand over to you a working and fully-registered power plant.

We offer:

Solar power plant purchase

According to your specific requirements, we will select, install, and maintain the most suitable solar power plant.

An instalment-based solar power plant purchase

We will sign an agreement for ten years, a period during which you will fully purchase the power plant. We will insure and maintain the power plant for the entire period of the agreement.

Solar power plant lease (PPA)

We will sign a lease agreement for ten years and you will pay only for the power that is produced by the power plant. We will offer a fixed or variable tariff, as well as insuring and maintaining the power plant for the whole of the agreement period.

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