Employ your parking lot – become Ignitis ON partner

Person is charging EV in Ignitis ON charging station Person is charging EV in Ignitis ON charging station
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in 3 countries
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

We are looking for locations next to heavy-traffic areas

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We are looking for locations next to heavy-traffic areas

The rapidly growing number of EVs is opening new opportunities for anyone who has a parking lot. Charging stations are growing in demand and we can install one in your lot for free.

We are constantly looking for new partners who own locations near:

  • Arterial or main roads
  • Places of interest, nature trails, museums, parks
  • Cafés, restaurants, fast food restaurants
  • Shops, shopping or business centres, hotels, etc.

5 reasons to partner with Ignitis ON

  1. 100% of investments are covered by Ignitis ON

    We will install the charging station at our own expense and ensure compliance with regulations. ***

  2. Get more new customers

    While the EV is charging, its driver and passengers will be able to shop, have a coffee or use your other services.

  3. Discount system for Ignitis ON partners

    Location partners will receive a discount in the entire Ignitis ON network.

  4. Quick problem solving

    Professional charging station maintenance 24/7.

  5. Convenient for you and for the network customers

    Locations of all charging stations, their availability and convenient payment options are available under a single Ignitis ON mobile app.

Propose location

Smooth process, from concluding the contract to installing the charging station

Location analysis

We assess if the location you proposed meets the needs of EV drivers.

Residental area with lots of plants

After verifying the location, we will invite you to conclude a cooperation agreement.

Person is reading Ignitis ON agreement
Designing, obtaining permits

We will draft the EV charging station project and obtain any required permits.

Two people are discussing building drawings
Electricity connection point installation

We will install the electricity connection point with the required capacity.

Man is testing electricity installation with multimeter
Charging station installation

We will install the charging station and take care of the necessary infrastructure: road marking, bollards, etc.

Worker with multimeter in his hand
Charging station maintenance

We will launch the charging station and maintain it 24/7.

Ignitis ON EV charging station
Propose location

Our partners

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Available charging solutions 

We will offer the best EV charging solution for your location and business

Slow charging

Next to offices, hotels, long-term parking lots, leisure facilities

Charging capacity

up to 22 kW

Charging speed ****

up to 6 hours

Fast charging

Next to shopping centres, catering facilities, arterial roads, shops

Charging capacity

from 150 kW

Charging speed ****

up to 30 min.

Charging hub

Next to heavy-traffic arterial roads, large shopping malls, catering facilities

Charging capacity

over 1 MW

Charging speed ****

15–30 min.


* Ignitis installs and utilises the charging station to provide EV charging services at its own cost.** https://sumin.lrv.lt/lt/veiklos-sritys/darnus-judumas/elektromobilumas/elektromobiliu-infrastrukturos-pletra *** From now on, at least 20% of parking spaces in new and renovated parking lots must have charging access points. The regulation is laid down in Article 107 of the Technical Construction Regulation STR 2.06.04:2014. **** When considering the maximum charging speed of an EV and battery capacity.