Gas heating – cost-efficient and convenient

  • Always warm and cosy home
  • No hassle with buying, storing fuel and no manual labour
  • Clean home, yard and fresh air
Up to 110 %
new condensing gas boilers are much more efficient compared to solid fuel systems
Up to 150 hours
saved annually because you will no longer need to perform daily manual labour when burning solid fuels

Heating season in Lithuania lasts around 200 days, therefore, it is especially important to select the right heating method

The easiest, most comfortable and environment friendly accommodation heating solution is heat pump. Unfortunately, it is not the cheapest.

Even though heating using solid fuel (firewood) is still the cheapest, Lithuanians are now increasingly replacing old, inefficient solid fuel systems with convenient and cleaner gas systems. Research2 indicates that heating using natural gas is almost as cost-efficient as heating using solid fuel.

Installing modern gas boilers is much easier than installing solid fuel boilers, they take up a lot less space. Also, gas boilers can be controlled using smart devices, remotely.

In a long-term perspective, this option provides significantly more comfort for a similar price and is much more environment-friendly.


Gas heating or solid fuel heating

  Gas heating Solid fuel heating
Fuel price per 1 MWh 37,26 Eur/MWh 35,02 Eur/MWh
Initial investment Up to EUR 7,000 Up to EUR 5,000
Boiler efficiency 95-110% 50-80%
Regulated temperature
Operation Automatic remote boiler control. 150 hours or almost 19 days of work per year needed for manual labour.
Fuel preparation You need to take care of buying, stacking and storing fuel. Fuel takes up a lot of space.
Pollutant severity Low (0.05 g/GJ)) High (135 g/GJ) and risk of disease

*All prices include VAT.

Can’t decide? Need advice?


1802 or +370 611 21802

Short number call is charged according to the tariff applied by your telecommunications operator.
Long number call is charged per minute as calling to a Telia Lithuania network.

ESO gas emergency service – 1804 (free of charge)


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